Roofers Whitley Bay

Welcome to Roofers Whitley Bay, one of the leading roofing companies working in the Whitley Bay area, as well as further afield. We provide a full array of roofing services that cover all aspects of roofing and guttering. Our experts provide roof repairs, flat roof repairs and roofing installations, as well as gutter repair and cleaning.


Roofers Whitley Bay specialise in all forms of roof repair, whether that is for traditional and slate roofs or flat roofing. We work on both domestic and commercial properties, ranging from small home roof repair services, all the way up to large commercial roof installations. We are the Whitley Bay roofing service for you.


We offer flat roofing services for both domestic and commercial customers, so no matter what requirements you have we can get the job done. If you have a small garage roof that needs repairs or a large office block in need of flat roof repair services then get in touch with our experts today and see how we can help you.


We are a family-run business that delivers a wide variety of guttering services including gutter maintenance, gutter cleaning and gutter repair. This is in tandem with our full range of roofing services. Our Whitley Bay roofing team is able to serve customers across Whitley Bay and further afield. No matter your individual requirements or location, we have the experts and commitment to ensure your gutters perform effectively, protecting your home from the damage that water can cause.

Quality and efficient roofing services across Whitley Bay

Roofing Whitley Bay has spent over 10 years supporting our roofing customers, developing an enviable skill set making us one of the experts in our field. We offer the full range of roofing and gutter services that people expect, including roof repairs, maintenance installation and gutter cleaning. We have the experts and resources to work on projects of all sizes, ranging from small domestic repairs up to large installations and commercial maintenance contracts.

Our roof repair process

We have built up an effective and efficient roof repair process and one of the biggest lessons learnt to date is that preventative measures have a massive impact on the wear and tear suffered by roofing. If you engage in regular inspections and maintenance, then you can minimise costs and stress caused by serious problems occurring, in turn saving time and money in the future.

Cost-effective and reliable Whitley Bay roofing services

We established our roofing company with the view that we should always value reliability and professionalism in everything we do, whilst providing high-quality, cost-effective services. Every expert we employ has over a decade of experience, with extensive knowledge in their respective fields. As a result, we are perfectly placed to provide the very best roofing services in Whitley Bay and wider area.

As roofers in Whitley Bay, we believe this approach to expertise, experience and a commitment to quality always results in maximum results, at the most cost-effective price for our customers. This is consistent for all of the roofing services we provide, whether working on a tiled, slate or flat roof. Your Whitley Bay roofing contract always spends time assessing your roof so that a full, tailored report can be prepared with supporting evidence. This means you can trust what we tell you and make an informed decision about how to proceed. If you’d like to know more about this process or the services we offer please contact our team today.

Our Roofing Whitley Bay experts

Every person on our team are experts and leaders in their field, with a passion for customer service to match and this is the case for every project they work on. We are committed to ensuring an expert is available to perform an on-site assessment of your roof at the earliest moment after your initial enquiry. This is so that we can quickly and effectively identify current and potential issues, building up the most accurate picture of your roof. Once we have completed this, we will provide you with a list of advice and guidance, along with evidence to back up what we suggest. We will always endeavour to offer everything you need to make an evidence-based informed decision to build trust and remove the chance of hidden costs further down the line.

Roofing and guttering expertise

We not only provide the traditional roofing services including roof repairs, roof installation and roof maintenance, but we also offer guttering services. These services include gutter repairs, gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance. The guttering on a property is one of the most significant features as it provides protection for the property against the damage that water can cause. Should you ever spot signs of damage or concern, or simply want a more regular review of your guttering then we suggest getting in contact with us straight away. A huge benefit of working with our Whitley Bay roofers is that we offer a wide range of services, with experts delivering these services all in the one company.

Roofing Services

Each person in our team is an expert roofing contractor who believes in delivering the very best services and standards in every aspect of their job. No matter whether this is providing roof repairs, gutter maintenance or roof installations. Roofing Whitley Bay actively benchmarks the services provided and performance by our experts, against the latest industry standards. We believe that all customers deserve this and it is something they expect, but unfortunately it is not a belief that is shared by all other roofing services companies in Whitley Bay. We appreciate the trust that customers place in us when they choose us as their roofing provider and for every project we work on, we act in a professional and transparent way. If you’d like to see what our customers think of our services, please check the reviews and feedback left online.

Maintaining quality

Should you choose Roofers Whitley Bay, then you will be opting for a reliable, expert team who only choose the best suppliers and materials. We believe it is appropriate to live by the mantra that if a material or supplier isn’t good enough for our own property, then it should never be used for one of our customers. Once we have understood all requirements for a customer’s roofing, we will then decide on the best resources to use, taking into account all features and requirements including budget. During this assessment, if we find that the roof is beyond economical repair, then we will work together to provide the most suitable alternatives, backed up by evidence and advice.

Why you should trust us

We believe that we cannot be successful without customer’s trusting what we do and the services we provide. At every stage of the process with our Whitley Bay roofers, customers can trust that we will act in an open and transparent way. Should you have any questions when working with us, each member of the team will provide detailed answers so that you continue to trust in what we do.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have added the most frequently asked questions onto the page below, along with answers from our experts that we hope help in the decision-making process. It is our belief that we can provide you with the key information needed to make informed decisions on roofing services and which roofing company is most suitable for your individual requirements. If you would like to know more about a particular roofing service, such as roof repairs or gutter cleaning, or find out about our Whitley Bay roofers then get in touch with us today.


The Whitley Bay roofing team will assess a wide range of features, materials and fixings on your roof and property, including materials, gutters, flashing, fascias and soffits. Basically, any part of the property linked to the roof. This helps us spot damage or signs of future issues that could develop. We offer this service to both our domestic and commercial customers.


The answer to this question very much needs more information for it to be an accurate and evidence-based response. As a result, we always advise getting a roofing services company like ours to complete an inspection of your roof. An example of some of the factors involved in making this decision include the type of property, access requirements, potential foot traffic, weight limits and more. We will also talk about your budget requirements and design preferences. We believe all roofing contractors should provide a free, no-obligation quote that includes an on-site visit and this is a service that we always provide.


This can often be difficult to know because the signs can be small or out of sight, unless there are major issues such as leaks or missing tiles. No matter whether you have general concerns, spot signs of damage after severe weather, or simply want to get an expert opinion then get in contact with an expert roofing company like the team at Roofing Whitley Bay.


No it doesn’t cost money to have our Whitley Bay roofing experts inspect your roof and we believe no company should charge for this service. We will provide each customer, whether domestic or commercial, a free, no-obligation quotation to help assess the full roofing system.