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Welcome to Roofers South Shields, one of the leading providers of roofing services in South Shields and the wider region. We provide a full package of roofing services including roofing repairs, flat roof repairs, roof installations and more. We also have experts in guttering services, providing gutter repairs, cleaning and maintenance.


Roofers South Shields are roofing experts who specialise in roofing repairs for all customers. Each member of the team is capable of working on both traditional and slate roofing, as well as flat roofing. We work with both domestic and commercial customers, on projects from small homes all the way up to big commercial projects.


We are roofers in South Shields who specialise in flat roof repair services for both domestic and commercial customers. You may need our flat roof repair service on your garage roof or multi-building repairs on commercial developments. No matter your requirements, by choosing our expert South Shields team you are choosing the best results so contact us today to find out how we can help.


We are a family-run company providing roofing services including guttering services to our customers in South Shields, as well as further afield. Our guttering services include gutter repair, gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance, so no matter what your requirements are or where you’re based, we are the experts you can rely on to protect your home from the elements.

Quality and efficient roofing services across South Shields

Roofing South Shields has over 10 years of experience providing the best professional roofing services across the country. When we say roofing services, we mean all aspects of roofing including flat roof repairs, installations and gutter services. Over this period of time, we have built up an impressive method of experience and expertise which makes us an expert in the field of roofing and specifically roof repairs. Our roofing experts deliver all of the services that you need to protect and maintain your roof including roof repairs, maintenance, new roof installation and more. If you have a residential or commercial property that needs help, then get in touch now.

Our roof repair process

Over a long period of time, we have developed an all-encompassing list of services that are built on quality and efficiency. We have also learnt that one of the best things a person can do is take preventative action for their roof. If a customer engages with these kinds of measures then they are likely to see a reduction in normal wear and tear, as well as less risk of damage from severe weather systems. Such preventative measures include regular roof inspections and a regular roof maintenance plan.

Cost-effective and reliable roofers in South Shields

We established our roofing business on the premise that delivering a high-quality service that is trustworthy and reliable, leads to better, longer-lasting results. Each person on our team has on average over 10 years of experience in the roofing industry, building up an impressive track record of experience. As a result, when you choose our South Shields team, you will get the very best roofing services.

As roofers in South Shields, we believe that when you combine experience with expertise, you get the best results for customers and we are always committed to this approach. We don’t move away from this concept, even when considering budget requirements or working on different roofing types such as tiled, slate or flat roofing. Your South Shields roofing team will complete an assessment of your property and then send you a detailed report for your approval. This report will contain all of our findings, along with evidence and advice to help you make an informed decision. We believe this approach is the best one to take, building transparency and professionalism into every interaction. If you would like to know more about the free, no-obligation quote we provide then give us a call today.

Our Roofing South Shields experts

Every person who works for us has a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields, combined with a commitment to the very best customer service. Once you have contacted us, we will actively ensure one of these experts is ready to visit your property and assess your roof. We are committed to this approach because it allows us to understand the health of your roof as quickly as possible, spotting those risks or problems that could cause serious damage. This is particularly vital if you haven’t maintained your roof, suffered from recent storm damage or have concerns about potential issues. We will present our findings to you in an evidence-based report, always backing up any evidence with information you need to trust in what we say. We believe this is the best approach for avoiding hidden costs and nasty surprises.

Roofing and guttering expertise

Our roofing services package, covering everything from roofing repairs to installation, also covers guttering services. Our guttering services include gutter repairs, gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance. The gutters on a property forms the most effective barrier against the elements, protecting your roof, walls and foundations from serious structural damage. Should your gutters become damaged or fail to divert water correctly, then the water will feed into property causing expensive damage. As soon as you spot signs of damage or failure, we recommend taking immediate action by contacting our experts. A benefit of choosing our South Shields roofing team is that we have all of the experts you need for both roofing and guttering in one place, with one phone number.

Roofing Services

When we started our company, we chose certain values to live by and they focus on the people who we employ and the role they play in delivering the very best services to our customers. Each member of staff is committed to these values, accepting only the best standards in everything they do whether that is roof installation and repairs, gutter cleaning or maintenance. Roofing South Shields actively benchmarks our services against the latest and best industry standards to ensure we are offering nothing but the best. This is the kind of approach that customers expect of us, but not an approach that every roofing contractor in South Shields lives by. Protecting your property is an important role and one we take very seriously when customers place their trust in us. As a result, if you’d like to know more about the results of our commitment to customers, explore the customer reviews left online today.

Maintaining quality

When choosing Roofers South Shields, you will be selecting experts with knowledge of all areas of roofing who believe in only using the best materials and best suppliers. We firmly believe that if something isn’t good enough for our own properties, then it isn’t good enough for our customers. Roofing and building services are all about developing a full understanding of the customer and their requirements, selecting the most suitable services and materials. We will always endeavour to keep the budget and design requirements in mind, but if we ever inspect your roof and find that it cannot be repaired then we will provide alternative solutions such as a new roof installation backed up by evidence.

Why you should trust us

At every stage of the process and during every discussion we have, our South Shields roofers will operate in a professional way. If you have questions for us at any point, our experts will take the time to answer and provide reassurance about the work we are doing. This approach helps us to create a trusting, professional relationship and directly leads to better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below, the most frequently asked questions we receive from visitors to our website, along with useful answers. We believe that all of this information provides a useful starting point for anyone interested in roofing services or at least answers some key questions. If you’d like to find out more about the roofing services on offer, or more about our roofing company then contact the team today.


Our team at roofing South Shields will inspect your property and check every aspect of the roof that could develop an issue, ranging from the tiles and joints, to flashing fascias and soffits. In essence, all aspects of the roofing and guttering to ensure we have a full picture of the health of your roof. This helps us determine what action should be taken and it is a service we offer to both domestic and commercial customers.


We feel it is important to start his answer by clarifying that it is best to fully assess your requirements before deciding on the type of roof for a property. This is because there is such a diverse range of factors that determine the most suitable choice including access requirements, foot traffic and weight limits. As a result, we recommend a roofing company attends your property and finds out all of this information. Once we have asked all of the questions and observed everything we need, we will prepare a detailed report. This is an approach every roofing company in South Shields should take and it is one we provide free as part of our free, no-obligation quote offer.


If you spot serious damage or water leaks in the property then this is a clear sign of a problem with your roof. However, without these serious issues it can be challenging to spot issues or potential problems before they get worse. As a result, we recommend an expert visits your property, completes an assessment and feedback their findings.


No! We believe you should be able to have a free inspection of your roof and as a result, our South Shields roofing contractors will provide this service as part of our free, no-obligation consultation for all customers, whether domestic or commercial.