Roofers North Shields

Welcome to Roofers North Shields, a leading roofing services provider based in North Shields, supporting customers across the country. We provide full roofing services including roofing repairs, replacement roofing, new installations and flat roofing repairs. We also offer comprehensive guttering services including gutter repairs, cleaning and maintenance.


Roofers North Shields are a team of expert roofing contractors specialising in all aspects of roofing repairs. Every expert on our team is more than capable of working on traditional roofing, slate roofs and flat roofing, as well as guttering. We have extensive experience supporting both domestic and commercial customers, on projects ranging from flat roof repairs, up to large roof installation programmes.


We are roofers in North Shields and we specialise in flat roof repair services. This means that we are perfectly placed to help if you have a garage that needs its roof repaired, a new build requiring a bespoke roof or maintenance of an existing home. No matter the requirements, choose our North Shields roofing team for domestic and commercial properties. Contact us today.


Our company is a family-run business delivering all areas of roofing services, as well as guttering services to customers in North Shield and the wider area. Our guttering services include gutter repair, gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance. We believe we can offer the best guttering services, no matter your requirements, so get in touch today and let us help protect your home from the elements.

Quality and efficient roofing services across North Shields

Roofing North Shields has spent over 10 years building experience in the world in professional roofing services, supporting a range of customers across the UK. Our services include all areas of roofing, ranging from flat roofing repairs to installations, maintenance and gutter cleaning. Over this period, we have developed a combination of experience and expertise that makes us one of the experts in the roofing and roof repair industry. Our team provides all of the necessary roofing services customers would require including repairs, maintenance and installation. We are ready to help both domestic and commercial customers today.

Our roof repair process

Over the years, we have worked hard to develop a service offering that is built on quality and efficiency. One of the main lessons we have learnt is that prevention is very important and can offer the biggest benefits. When a customer engages in prevention such as roof inspections and regular maintenance, then there will be a noticeable reduction in wear and tear, as well as being more secure against severe weather. This will then lead to lower running costs and fewer issues in the future.

Cost-effective and reliable roofers in North Shields

We have established our roofing company on the premise of offering a reliable, high-quality service to every customer, in turn delivering the best results. Each expert we employ has a wealth of experience in the roofing industry, developing a strong portfolio of evidence. All of this has resulted in offering the best roofing services in North Shields, as well as further afield.

Our North Shields roofers believe in combining experience with expertise as it directly results in better results, at the most cost-effective prices. Everyone on our team is committed to this approach of delivering roofing services, whether that is for a flat roof, slate or tiled roof. Our North Shields roofing contractors will always perform an initial assessment of your property, including the guttering before submitting a report. This allows us to assess every aspect of the roof and provide evidence to back up our recommendations. We believe this approach builds trust and confidence in the services we provide and if you’d like to find out more, then give us a call today and book your free, no-obligation quote.

Our Roofing North Shields experts

Every person who works for us has a wealth of experience and expertise in their respective fields, combined with a commitment to the very best customer service. Once you have contacted us, we will actively ensure one of these experts is ready to visit your property and assess your roof. We are committed to this approach because it allows us to understand the health of your roof as quickly as possible, spotting those risks or problems that could cause serious damage. This is particularly vital if you haven’t maintained your roof, suffered from recent storm damage or have concerns about potential issues. We will present our findings to you in an evidence-based report, always backing up any evidence with information you need to trust in what we say. We believe this is the best approach for avoiding hidden costs and nasty surprises.

Roofing and guttering expertise

Our range of roofing services include roofing repairs, roofing installations and gutter services. These guttering services include maintenance and repairs, as well as gutter cleaning services. We have no doubt that gutters perform an incredibly important role in protecting your roof and in turn your property. This is because they help divert water away from your home and prevent serious structural damage that water can cause. If you spot signs of your gutters failing, such as leaks or damage then get in touch with an expert immediately. One of the benefits of working with a roofing company like our North Shields team is that we have all of the experts you need in one place.

Roofing Services

Our company values are all about the people that work for us and how we all treat the customers we support. Every person on our team is committed to providing the best standards of services in everything they do, whether during maintenance and repairs, or calls and meetings. Roofing North Shields regularly benchmarks our services against the latest industry standards to make sure we stay at the top of our field. This approach means we can offer every customer the best service and it is not an approach that every roofing contractor takes in North Shields. We value the trust customers place in us, when they choose us for their roofing services needs and we will deliver results in a professional way every time. If you’d like to know more about what our customers think, take a look at the latest reviews online.

Maintaining quality

When you choose Roofers North Shields, you will be choosing experts from all parts of the roofing industry that know how to pick the very best materials. We only use the most reliable suppliers for these materials and if we ever feel they don’t meet standards we expect for our own homes, then it won’t get used on our customer’s homes. Roofing and building services are built on the view that only by developing an understanding of customer requirements, can we select the best materials and deliver the best results. Should we complete this assessment and find that your roof is beyond repair, we will provide cost-effective alternatives including a full roof replacement.

Why you should trust us

At every stage of the working relationship, our North Shields roofers will act in a professional and respectful manner. Should you wish to ask questions or flag up concerns, our experts will take the time to provide answers in a clear and calm way along with evidence wherever possible. This approach helps us to maximise the results we achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re pleased to put together some of the most frequently asked questions received to date, along with responses to each from our team. Hopefully these provide a useful starting point to understand roofing services and the right choices for your individual requirements. If you’d like to know more about the services we provide or our North Shields roofing company, then contact us today.


The roofing North Shields team will inspect your roof, guttering and wider property focusing on every aspect needing to spot problems including tiles, materials, flashing, fascias and soffits. It is only by performing this assessment that we can get an accurate picture of your roof. This is a service we provide for free to both domestic and commercial customers.


The answer to this question will be unique to your individual requirements and that makes it difficult to write a detailed response here. That is because each property has a specific set of requirements determining the type of roof and these include the type of property, weight limits, potential foot traffic, budget and more. We always advise using our free property inspection service so that we can find out all of the relevant information before providing advice. It is our belief that this is the approach every roofing contractor in North Shields and the rest of the country should take, but it is not always the case. Our team provides every customer with a free, no-obligation quote that includes a site visit.


We appreciate you will often only know there is a problem when water is flowing down the walls or tiles have fallen off the roof. However, there are many more difficult to spot signs that your roof has, or is developing a problem. If you ever spot an issue or have concerns then we recommend getting in touch immediately. One of our experts will happily visit your property, complete a full inspection and present their findings.


No it doesn’t cost money to have an inspection of your roof. We don’t believe a customer should ever pay for this initial inspection and our roofing contractors in North Shields won’t charge for it. All of our domestic and commercial customers can use our free, no-obligation quotation service.