Roofers Blyth

Welcome to Roofers Blyth, a leading roofing services provider based in Blyth, supporting the local area and further afield. We offer a full package of roofing services that include flat roof repairs, roofing repairs, replacement roofing and new installations. The team we have are experts in guttering services including gutter repairs, cleaning and maintenance.


Roofers Blyth is a group of expert roofing contractors and we specialise in quality roofing repairs, with each member of our team capable of working on traditional, slate and flat roofing. We regularly work with domestic and commercial customers, ranging from small home roof repairs, up to large commercial projects.


We are roofers based in Blyth and specialise in flat roof repair services for both domestic and commercial clients. This may be a flat roof repair job for a garage room, roof installation on a new property or larger complex commercial work. As a consequence of this, our Blyth team will be the best partner for your property services requirements. Contact us today to find out more.


We are a family-run business providing a full range of roofing services including guttering services to people in Blyth and the wider area. These guttering services include gutter repair, gutter maintenance and gutter cleaning. Whatever your individual requirements, no matter your location we believe we offer the best guttering services around, protecting your property from water damage.

Quality and efficient roofing services across Blyth

Roofing Blyth has over a decade of experience delivering professional roofing services across the country. When we say roofing services, we include everything from flat roofing repairs to installations and guttering services. During this time, we have developed a strong combination of expertise and experience which makes us experts in the field of roofing and roof repairs. Our roofing experts provide all of the services that you would need including roof repairs, maintenance, installation and more. If you have a residential or commercial property, then we can help you.

Our roof repair process

Over the years, we have developed a comprehensive list of services that maximise quality and efficiency. Throughout this time, we have learnt that the best rule to follow is taking preventative measures wherever possible. When a customer takes these measures, they will actively see a reduction in wear and tear, as well as major damage in severe weather. The measures we mean here are things like regular inspections and roof maintenance.

Cost-effective and reliable roofers in Blyth

Our roofing company was established on the concept that delivering reliable, quality services to customers leads to the best results over the long term. Each member of the team has over a decade of experience in the roofing industry, building up a strong record of experience. In light of this, you can trust that you will get the very best roofing services when working with our Blyth team.

As roofers in Blyth, we know that combining experience and expertise leads to the best results for customers, always considering individual budget requirements. All of us are committed to this concept for all the services we offer including services for slate, tiled and a flat roof. Your Blyth roofing contractors complete an assessment of your roofing system prior to submitting our report for your approval. Inside this report are all of the factors that determine the health of your roof, along with our advice backed up by evidence. This transparent and evidence-based approach creates a highly effective working relationship from the very start. If you'd like to find out more about our free, no-obligation quote service then call us today.

Our Roofing Blyth experts

Each person on our team has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field, and a passion for exceptional customer service. Once you have spoken to one of our experts, we will ensure that a member of the team will perform a site visit as quickly as possible to assess your roof. We truly believe in getting a full, accurate picture of the health of your roof as early on in the process as allowed, to make sure we tackle problems before they become worse or cause structural damage. This commitment is vital for those that have serious concerns or perhaps haven’t had a roof inspection in a long time. Once we’ve completed this assessment, you will receive a full, evidence-based report that will allow you to make an informed decision on whether you wish to proceed with our services. We believe this is the best approach to take to roofing services and minimises risk for all parties.

Roofing and guttering expertise

Our roofing services include roofing repairs, installation, maintenance and more. On top of that, we also provide a full range of guttering services including gutter repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Guttering on a home or office forms an important barrier on your property, protecting it from the damage that water and the elements can cause. If they become broken or fail to manage the flow of water effectively, then it can lead to structural damage and costly repairs. As soon as you spot signs of issues with your guttering, we recommend taking action immediately. One of the benefits of working with our Blyth roofing company is that we have experts for both roofing and guttering services all under one roof.

Roofing Services

Our company values are centred around the incredible people that work for us and the role they play in delivering the support our customers expect and deserve. Each member of staff is committed to the very best standards in every aspect of their work, whether that is roof repairs, installations, gutter services or anything else. Roofing Blyth takes the time to benchmark our services on a regular basis against the highest standards in industry. It is an approach that we know customers value and expect, but not one that every Blyth roofing contractor follows. The process of protecting a property is one of the most important roles we can play and we appreciate it when a customer places their trust in our experts. If you’d like to know more about what our customers think of the services we provide, take a moment to look at the customer feedback found online.

Maintaining quality

Choosing the Roofers Blyth team means you are choosing experts in all areas of roofing, who believe in using only the best materials, best suppliers and best equipment. If anything fails to live up to our standards in any way, then we make sure we never use it on our customer’s properties. Roofing and building services is about building a concrete understanding of each customer’s specific requirements and only once this is done, can the most suitable materials be selected. We will always keep budget and design requirements in mind too. If we feel that your roof shouldn’t be repaired for safety reasons or it isn’t cost-effective, we will be honest and explain our reasons along with potential alternatives such as a replacement roof installation.

Why you should trust us

At every call and meeting, or on-site day of work our Blyth roofers will act in a professional and respectful way. Should you ever have questions for our team, or concerns about the project then we will make sure to take the time to answer them so you can feel confident about the way forward. This is another aspect of our service that ensures an effective professional relationship and maximises results.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions below, along with helpful responses from our team of experts. We believe that all of the information on this page provides a useful starting point in the process of selecting roofing services, as well as answering any concerns that you may have. If you’d like to know about a particular service in detail, find out about who we are or anything else that comes to mind, then contact the team today.


Our roofing Blyth team inspects your home or office in great detail, covering all aspects of your roofing including any tiles, flashing, fascias and soffits, joints and fixings. This allows us to be as thorough as possible and maximise the chances of fixing any issues. It also provides us with the chance to test the health of your roof and any minor faults that could lead to future problems for both domestic and commercial customers.


We want to start off this answer by explaining that without a full inspection first, it is difficult to choose the best type of roof and you run the risk of making the wrong choice. An inspection allows us to look at all the factors which determine roof selection including the type of property in question, access requirements, foot traffic and weight limits among other key factors. We always recommend a roofing company visits your property and once we have the answers we need, we will create a detailed assessment and quote for you. This is an approach we feel every roofing company in Blyth should provide, free of charge. We are proud to confirm that we offer a free, no-obligation quote for our customers.


Many customers struggle to spot signs of damage with their roof, or signs that it isn’t performing as required unless there are obvious issues such as a major leak. As a result, we always advise speaking to us as soon as you observe an issue, or have general concerns about your roof. One of our team will then attend your property, perform an inspection and provide detailed feedback.


Not if you work with our Blyth roofing contractors it doesn’t. We don’t believe you should have to pay for this kind of service and we are pleased to offer every domestic and commercial customer a free, no-obligation quotation that includes a roof inspection.