Guttering plays an important role in protecting your homes, with its primary role being to divert any water that falls on your roof, away from at-risk areas of your home. When we say at-risk areas, we mean anywhere that the water can pool or come into contact with, such as a flat roofing, walls, decorative features and foundations.

The harsh elements that our homes are exposed to, including wind, rain, extreme heat and cold, all have an impact on the performance of guttering as time goes by. This fact means observation is key and whenever you observe or suspect that your guttering is no longer protecting your home, then you should consider a gutter repair service such as ours.

When you should choose Gutter Repair Services

The most consistent issue that our gutter repair specialists in Newcastle get called out to, is guttering being clogged up by debris including twigs, leaves and man-made materials blown onto it. If you notice these materials collecting in your gutters, then it’s likely they have been there a while, causing water to permeate the whole system. If it hasn’t already, then it has the potential to overflow and seep into the very parts of your home it’s supposed to be protecting.

Splitting, cracking and peeling of guttering are other issues that cause your gutters to fail and need repair work completed. As soon as you become aware that the system is damaged or is pulling away from the walls, then take action, as this could be a sign that the gutters cannot perform as required. Damage combined with debris can make matters worse and over time it could escalate into a larger issue. Time and money spent on preventing an issue are often cheaper than fixing a problem later.

Our Services

As highlighted above, if you don’t tackle minor problems now, they can result in more damaging and costly problems further down the line. At the point when you first notice your guttering system failing to do its job, it could already have damaged the foundations of your home, got into cracks in the walls causing damp, as well as a host of other costly problems. We don’t say this to alarm you but simply to emphasise the importance of a secure and functioning system. If you feel that your house suffers from any of the above, the next step is to choose gutter repair services in Newcastle, such as our team of experts at Thompson Roofing.

Our professionals are trustworthy and experienced experts who understand how important your home is to you and you can depend on the team at Thompson Roofing to provide a quality and lasting solution for your guttering system. We perform a wide range of gutter repair services including maintenance, cleaning and ad-hoc repair. No matter the service you require, we will deliver the highest standards at the most affordable rates.

Now that you’ve found our website, please get in touch today if you have concerns about your gutters. We will happily provide a free, no-obligation quotation and advise you on how best to proceed. We look forward to hearing from you and helping to protect your home from the elements.

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