Who are we

At Thompsons Roofing and Lead Specialists, our experts have over 15 years of experience supporting customers with their roofing needs. Our team have the knowledge and understanding needed to work with both modern and traditional styles of lead roofing, ensuring all of our work meets the highest standards of quality, every time.

This is reflected in the feedback and loyalty of our customers, who believe in the work we do and our commitment to them. When it is something as important as your home, only the best will do.

Thompsons are a PROTAN approved specialist, allowing us to deliver top quality roofing products to our customers, providing them with a roof that is hard wearing, long lasting and can withstand any extreme weather events.

Being an accredited supplier plays an important part in building trust with our customers and that is why we are members of CSCS and IPAF, demonstrating our expertise and experience. Furthermore, we have gone through the vetting process by Check-a-trade, so all of our customers know we can be trusted to support them with their roofing needs.

Every time we complete a job for a customer, we provide a Thompsons Roofing 5 year guarantee, as well as some products coming with separate guarantees of up to 25 years.

This shows just how much we believe in the roofing services we provide and the products we use. Our team is available now for a free no-obligation quote or simply to provide the advice you need, so no matter the size of the roof, call us today and find out how Thompsons can help you.

Our Work

What Are The Signs That You Need Roof Repairs

There are some obvious signs that your roof is damaged and if you spot any of the following, then we strongly suggest you get in touch with our team of experts to get roofing work done. It can sometimes be difficult to spot these signs from the ground but do bear in mind that if you see these issues, it may be there has been a problem for quite a while.

  • Damaged or missing tiles: If your tiles appear damaged, worn down or perhaps missing because of strong weather then this could mean potential water damage to the internal parts of the roof
  • Leaking roof or water damage: If you spot water flowing down a part of the property it shouldn’t, or you spot leaks inside the home then you must take action. This could mean cracked tiles have appeared in the roof or tiles are missing
  • Cracks in roofing: If you spot cracks in the roof then this is a sign of either an old roof that hasn’t been maintained or potential damage from extreme weather. It can lead to water getting into the roof and internal structure
  • Sagging: If you spot your roof sagging then this is incredibly serious and you should take action immediately. It is a sign of potential structural damage or deterioration as a result of weather, poor quality work or a lack of maintenance

Why People Choose Us

Our customers decide we are the best professional roofing company for them because of a unique combination of quality roofing services, professionalism in every interaction and outstanding customer service. We are professional roofing contractors who understand that every member of the Newcastle Upon Tyne team must maintain the highest standards whether working on flat roofs, delivering guttering services or any other roofing project.

We believe customer service means offering reliable roofing services, in a cost-effective and transparent way whether for roofing repairs, flat roof services or building maintenance. We maintain this approach on both commercial and domestic roofing projects and our local roofers Newcastle Upon Tyne will treat every customer in a respectful and professional way at all times.

Qualifications & Experience

As a team that has on average over 15 years of experience in the roofing industry, we have successfully worked on projects ranging from small garage roofs to large commercial properties and every other roofing work in between. This wealth of experience has been earned with a passion and commitment to delivering the very best for our wonderful customers.

We believe that every one of our Newcastle Upon Tyne roofing contractors should have all the relevant qualifications and accreditations. Firstly, this is so that our customers can trust in the professionals who work on their roof and secondly they will have faith that the results will be of the highest quality, standing the test of time. Your roof protects your home from the harsh weather that our country experiences and anything less than the best will simply not do.

Commitment to quality

We’re proud to have delivered quality roof repairs, roof maintenance and brand new roof installations to all of our customers. At Thompsons roofing, we believe that every member of the team has to buy into our commitment to quality customer service and quality results if they are to work for us. This translates into excellent results for all of our customers across Newcastle Upon Tyne, the North East and the wider United Kingdom.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best and if you want to find out about our professional, quality approach then explore the wonderful reviews online that have been completed by our customers. You can also contact us for a free quote today and you can find our contact details below.

Range of roofing services

Another reason why we believe we are the best roofing contractors Newcastle Upon Tyne has to offer is the range of roofing services we provide to both residential and commercial customers for affordable prices. Whether you have a flat roofing on your garage, traditional slate roof or large commercial premises then we can provide the flat roofs repair and replacement of roofing services you need.

We are happy to work on projects of all shapes and sizes, across both commercial and residential locations in the Newcastle Upon Tyne area, as well as further afield. Some of the roofing services we deliver are shown on this page but if you’d like to discuss your individual requirements then get in touch with our Newcastle roofing contractors today.

Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne

Our office is situated in Blyth but the majority of the work we carry out is in the Newcastle Upon Tyne region. All of our roofing services including flat roofing, guttering services, new roof installations and more can be provided to customers across the region.

If you would like to speak to our friendly and professional team about your roof problems, get expert roofing advice or request emergency repairs then get in touch today.

We operate all across the North East Including

  • Northumberand
  • Tyne And Wear
  • County Durham
  • Tees Valley
  • Cleveland